Alex Jones: Fraud or the Real Deal?

Alex Jones

Lately, the buzz about Alex Jones is about whether he is just a performance actor, or is he for real?  Well, I don’t think it has to be one or the other.  Who says you cant be a performance actor AND tell the truth at the same time?  You see, the fact of the matter is that the mainstream media feels threatened by Alex Jones and Infowars, because he continuously exposes the lies and deception of the mainstream media.

They constantly lie about Alex Jones and take his words out of context and try to paint a picture that just isn’t real. You see they always accuse people of doing exactly what THEY are doing!  And the latest legal battles for Alex Jones is just too irresistible for them to pass up. Kick a man while he’s down right?


This latest attempt to smear Alex Jones comes from a quote by his attorney Randall Wilhite, who said, “He’s playing a character” and that, “He is a performance artist”. I’m sure Alex Jones wasn’t to thrilled by that characterization of himself, but I suppose it is necessary considering the child custody trial his is undergoing. Even though Alex Jones himself never said he is a performance artist or that he is playing a character, the media didn’t hesitate to jump all over this one. Remember, Alex Jones never once said he was acting, or was a performance artist. Don’t fall for the craftiness of the media.

Head up his butt


This is just yet another example of how the enemy (mainstream media) manipulates people into thinking a certain way about somebody. They’re trying to make you think, “oh, I guess Alex Jones is just acting and he doesn’t really believe in anything he says”. I guess they think people just have their head up their butt. Just another attempt to try and discredit Alex Jones, who everyday exposes the media and their fake stories.


You see, if Alex Jones wasn’t effective is exposing their agenda, then there is no need to attack Alex like they have.  What would you do if someone was constantly exposing your own lies and hindering your attempt in pushing a certain narrative to manipulate the masses?  Of course you would try to silence them, or next best thing, discredit them.  And this is exactly what we are seeing. Just more media lies.


They’re trying to make you think that Alex Jones is a fraud. Remember, the truth is always the opposite of what they are trying to push down your throat. The fact that they are trying so hard to make people think Alex Jones is fooling his audience is just more proof they know how real, genuine and effective Alex Jones really is. He exposes the lies and manipulation of the globalist agenda, and boy do they hate him for it. Wouldn’t they like for people to stop listening to him. Well, it’s not gonna happen, because people are thirsty and he’s got plenty of water.

Hillary Clinton and George Soros

They want you to think that Alex Jones doesn’t believe anything he says on his show. How ridiculous. So when Alex warns people of the danger of vaccines, he doesn’t really believe it?? When he exposes the corruption of Hillary Clinton and countless other frauds, he doesn’t really believe it?? When he warns people of the puppeteering of the evil man George Soros, he doesn’t believe it?? How stupid does the media think we are? Its obvious that Alex Jones, genuinely loathes these corrupt people who rule this sinful world.  This is exactly why we see Alex Jones fly off the handle so many times on the air. Its because he truly knows how sick these people are!


I understand the dilemma he is in though. He needs to defend himself in his child custody case. So how is he gonna excuse his behavior on his show?  I mean, his ex-wife is trying to take his kids away for Gods-sake. So naturally, his defense lawyer has got to say “he’s a performance artist”. I mean, in a way its true. He does plenty are satirical skits, so it kinda true I guess.



You see, all these article writers trying to smear Alex, want you to believe that he is just a fraud now.  They’re like, “We got em now!” How pathetic. Do they really think people are that stupid? So what exactly are they saying?  That his whole show is an act, and he is just making stuff up? I guess that’s what they want you to think. Yeah that’s right, in reality Alex really loves Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He probably even voted for Hillary Clinton, right?


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